LCE provides mechanical engineering services, energy services, commissioning services and retro commissioning services.  LCE’s experience in all of the listed services is inherently utilized in all projects.  A list of general and detailed services is listed below.

Mechanical Engineering Services:
Pre Design:
·         Site Investigation
·         Mechanical system Evaluation and recommendations
·         Opinion of Probable Construction Cost
·         Code Analysis
·         Heating and cooling load calculations
·         Ventilation calculations

Air System Design:
·         Constant and variable volume heating and cooling air distribution systems
·         Packaged and custom air handling systems
·         Building pressurization systems
·         Kitchen exhaust and make up air systems
·         Building and process exhaust systems
·         Dehumidification and humidification systems
·         Chiller room exhaust and ventilation systems
·         Pool room heating, cooling and ventilation systems
·         Displacement ventilation systems
·         Mechanical acoustic evaluation
·         Sequence of operation and control system diagrams

Central Plant Design:
·         Hydronic and steam boiler central plants
·         Chiller central plants
·         Cooling tower
·         Constant flow and primary-secondary variable volume flow pumping systems
·         Sequence of operation and control system diagrams

Hydronic System Design:
·         Chilled water and glycol hydronic systems
·         Heating water and glycol hydronic systems
·         Steam and condensate heating systems
·         Radiant heating systems
·         Single and multiple constant speed and variable speed pumping systems
·         Sequence of operation and control system diagrams

Fire Protection Systems:
·         Wet and dry sprinkler systems
·         Preaction sprinkler systems
·         Deluge sprinkler systems
·         Stand pipe sprinkler systems
·         Smoke management and evacuation systems

Plumbing System Design:
·         Domestic hot, cold and recirculation systems
·         Sanitary sewer, storm sewer and vent piping systems
·         Sand, oil and grease interceptor systems
·         Sump pump and ejector systems
·         Domestic pressure booster systems
·         Sequence of operation and control system diagrams

Construction Administration:
·         Submittal Review
·         RFI Responses
·         Construction Observations
·         Operation and Maintenance Manual review
·         Testing and Balancing report review

Energy Services:
·         Energy modeling
·         Reviewing energy models for measurement and verification
·         Energy Audits
·         Life Cycle cost analysis
·         Energy performance design
·         Developing Energy Conservation Measures

Commissioning Services:
·         Developing Owner Project Requirements
·         Developing Basis of Design Documents
·         Construction document review
·         Developing commissioning specifications
·         Developing commissioning plan
·         Developing and reviewing pre functional checklists
·         Developing and implementing functional performance testing building energy systems
·         Performance evaluation and troubleshooting building energy systems
·         Reviewing and attending owner training
·         Developing a system manual
·         Measurement and verification

Retro Commissioning Services:
·         Develop retro commissioning plan
·         Review and evaluation of existing building energy systems
·         Review existing control programming to develop existing sequence of operation
·         Develop retro commissioning functional test to evaluate sequence of operation
·         Perform retro commissioning functional performance testing
·         Evaluate existing sequence of operation for energy improvement opportunities
·         Performance evaluation and troubleshooting existing building energy systems