I am Gary Leffingwell, P.E. and in 2001 established Leffingwell Consulting Engineers, Inc. (LCE) to change the process of building engineering and consulting.  Since it's founding, I have integrated the skills and knowledge of mechanical engineering, commissioning and energy engineering into a building performance service.  Traditionally, these disciplines are separate and performed by independent firms, but in real world buildings they are integrated.  I apply knowledge gained from working in one discipline to the work in the others, resulting in superior building performance.  A hands-on practical understanding of building systems is why I recognize theoretical limitations and why LCE is known for innovative approaches and techniques.  The Colorado Springs office provides accurate and appropriate solutions to many complex and challenging projects throughout Colorado.  I believe the person with the most experience should be working on your project, not merely providing a name for the statement of qualification or a check at the end of the design process.

For the past 14 years, I have integrated mechanical engineering, commissioning and energy engineering into a building performance service.  Mechanical engineering focuses on systems and the sizing of equipment and components.  Commissioning and retro commissioning focuses on testing, performance and the operation of systems and components.  Energy engineering focuses on energy audits and energy modeling to determine the effect system and equipment operations have on energy consumption.  Integrating these traditionally separate disciplines has allowed me to cross train and obtain a unique skill set to improve building system performance, operation and energy conservation.  Cross training creates a real world understanding of the building's energy consuming systems, their limitations, operation and installation requirements: the building's performance.  Every building design works on paper, but not every design works.  Hands on testing and verifying during commissioning tempers design theory with the real world applications.  Understanding how building components operate and are integrated improves energy efficiency recommendations.  Testing installed control systems provides feedback on the design sequence of operation and allows adjustments that improve energy efficiency.

I create systems and provide solutions through innovative design and cost-savings techniques that are as unique as the project and often a first-of-its-kind solution in the industry.  I only bid on projects that are compatible with my expertise, experience, time and resources.  I provide professional services not only to the highest level of industry standards, but also to an even stricter code of ethics ... my own.

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